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      I am a psychic medium living in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville area who offers private, phone and group readings of clarity, direction and understanding.  As a small child I began hearing voices from the other side who gave me accurate and useful communications about everything imaginable.  It is not an exact science but with the help of my guides I consistently provide accurate, realistic information to my clients.  Everyone needs a reading every now and then so if you're stuck or just need some questions answered and think I can help please call me for an appointment.

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My latest book on Amazon is "Remote Psychic Medium Readings.  What it is and How it's Done"  Click cover to purchase.

     At the age of 6, I was spending the evening alone with my psychic medium grandmother Vera when she suddenly and unexpectedly passed.  The next day, I clearly heard her speaking to me.  I eventually realized than no one else could hear her...but me!  I believe she shared her unique psychic gift with me that very night.  Since that moment, I have been receiving continuous, valuable spiritual communication  

     Phone readings, private readings and gallery or group readings are available.  New!  I will travel to your home or place of business in the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area to give you a reading.  There is no travel charge if you are within a thirty minute drive from Lewisville.  Please click the Readings link for Prices.  Call for an appointment.  214-636-7546

     New! Take a glance at my new Astrology page.  Astrological predictions from a psychic medium viewpoint.  There are also some prediction links that play videos about the future.   

There are also some videos of me reading gallery style at various venues around the country on My YouTube channel     


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