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 Dallas, Ft Worth Texas


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     Hello I'm Gary Champion.  Welcome to my website.  I am a psychic medium in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.  All psychic mediums know that life never ends. The body may cease functioning but the spirit lives on. With help from those who have passed almost anything can be revealed in a psychic medium reading.  Over the years I have learned to trust what I get and pass it on to others in the hopes of helping them.  As a child I knew I was different because spirits like my grandmother Vera and others I did not know spoke to me. Nothing has changed.  I saw me giving readings in my future but I did not know that it would be my life's work. 

     Most psychic mediums for some reason seem to be compelled to use their abilities to speak to those who have passed for others.  I am no different than them.  To help others seems to be a large part of it and if you feel the same way perhaps you are a psychic medium as well.

     I offer master readings of clarity direction and understanding.  I read locally as well as travel to psychic expos and fairs in other states.  I will also come to your house or place of work to read for your event or party. 

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    Please go to my YouTube Channel for videos

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