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     Hello I'm Gary Champion.  Welcome to my website.  I am a psychic medium in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.  All psychic mediums know that life never ends. The body may cease functioning but the spirit lives on. With help from those who have passed almost anything can be revealed in a psychic medium reading.  Over the years I have learned to trust what I get and pass it on to others in the hopes of helping them.  As a child I knew I was different because spirits like my grandmother Vera and others I did not know spoke to me. Nothing has changed.  I saw me giving readings in my future but I did not know that it would be my life's work. 

      Last Friday, a man I had never met named Gary Champion was referred to me for the purpose of hosting a Gallery in my home. I had invited him to my house to see if he passed my “test” and, if so, to stay and discuss the option of my hosting a Psychic Party and 2 hour Gallery i.e., (a Gallery is a group reading). He knew one thing about me – my name. Nothing else. Whether I was married or not, employed or not – absolutely nothing. The minute he stepped both feet inside my door, his face contorted with pain and he put his hand to the upper right side of his head and asked through his pain, “Do you have a headache?” No, I replied and asked if I could get him something. Gary replied, “No. It’s not my headache. I think it will pass soon.” At that moment it hit me that I actually was talking to a psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I believe you are feeling my husband. He had brain surgery on that side of his head.” I invited Gary in to sit in my living room so we could discuss plans for the party. Within 30 seconds we were both in tears as he received a message from Bo for me. My tears were from the message and Gary’s were from both the emotion and the physical pain he was feeling from Bo. The message was something Bo said to me many times a day for the entire 5 ½ years we were together and the last words he ever said to me, “Thank you.” As we talked for about an hour, Bo and various other “guests” kept sending me messages through him and he would just stop in the middle of our conversation and make a statement about the message he was getting. Of approximately 20 pieces of information that came through during our conversation, I was able to connect at least 15 of them to current or past situations or to people in my life who are either alive or on the other side.  Rhonda

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