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     I was born in Athens Texas at 2:55 AM to Charles and Mary Champion but my life really began at the age of six when someone else's life ended.  My grandmother Vera passed in the middle of the night and I was the only one there.  The next day I could hear her talking although I could not find her.  From that moment on I was aware that spirits I knew and some I did not know were around me guiding me from the other side. 

     I graduated twice from a university but struggled to work in that field because wherever I was there were too many voices for me to concentrate.  I began to search for a way to use the ability in the metaphysical world to which I have always belonged.  I never saw or met anyone who heard voices like me or made a living as a professional psychic medium.  Eventually the gap between what the real world told me was real and that which I intuitively knew was real widened.  I eventually abandoned the real world and opted instead for the life of a psychic medium. 

     It has been the great pleasure of my life to help others by bring them messages from the other side that make sense.  Like many other people before me it took a while for me to make the choice for change but I have never thought that it was wrong in any way to do what I do. 

     I perform in person readings where I live at 516 Legends Dr. in Lewisville, Texas and phone readings from anywhere.  I also perform gallery readings and private readings at expos and psychic fairs around the country.  I have always trusted that what I hear will help others and so I pass it along in the hopes of helping them.

     The purpose of this website with its video links is to show that everything I do is of the metaphysical realm.  That which is real to you probably has little meaning for me.  By reading my books and watching the videos I have made you might have a better insight as to what I do as a psychic medium and how I go about it.  The overall purpose is to show you that there is another side to the world that you may or may not be aware but are certainly invited to participate in.  The world for you does not end at your passing.  That's just the beginning.  Those who have passed are always trying to tell you something that will make your life better.  All you have to do is listen.