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     Hello I'm Gary Champion.  I am a psychic medium in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.  I offer master readings of clarity direction and understanding worldwide.  I inherited the mediumship from my grandmother Vera and the animal communication ability from my father Charles. 

     Mediumship is something that you are called or compelled to do without much regard for yourself.  Afterlife communication or giving a psychic reading for me is just a matter of listening and interpreting the information that is given.  Almost anything can be revealed by this kind of communication because those who have passed are always trying to tell you something to make your life better.  

     Everyone needs a reading every now and then so if you're stuck or just need some questions answered please call me for a reading.   214-636-7546 

      I offer phone readings worldwide so international calls are welcome by prepaying using the PayPal buttons on the Readings page and then calling 214-636-7546.  Tell me you are calling from another country when you call.  Sorry I only speak English.  You can also use the WhatsApp cell phone app for a video reading Whatsapp 

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My new book is available as a paperback or Kindle on Amazon by clicking on the cover below

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